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Spring cleaning at The House of Cream

by Nicola Worthington
Spring Cleaning – out with the old and in with the new
Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing... time to freshen up your home. Spring cleaning doesn't only need to mean doing a deep clean throughout, it can also mean experimenting with new layouts, changing some of your decor and giving a room a fresh coat of paint. It can be very simple to transform your 'winter look' into a bright and breezy 'spring look'.

Before beginning with any cleaning or updating, start your makeover with de-cluttering your home room by room. This may seem like a daunting task when you look at your home as a whole so I would recommend committing yourself to tackling a room a day/week and planning exactly what change it is you want to see at the end. Clean, minimalist interiors are still very much the desired look and they can benefit you in several ways. We all know the saying that a cluttered home can lead to a cluttered mind but this is very true. If too much is going on in a room where you intend to relax, you can become overwhelmed by it all, by the dust and by the thoughts of housework. Less clutter will mean less dusting and less maintenance of your room. It will bring in more light, more room to move around and leave you with a tranquil feel throughout. 
Box up the items that you really can live without and make plans for where they will go. Charity shops will take items that are in good condition, take anything to the tip that is no longer in working order and perhaps make some money from your best items on selling sites – A good way to fund any new interior products you have your eye on!

At this point, you will want to clean your chosen room from top to bottom. This will provide you with a clean space that you can then begin to plan. Make sure you include your windows, skirting boards and every surface. It is a full deep clean you need to be carrying out. Then take the time to look at your current furniture and furnishings. Could your sofa do with being re-upholstered? Are your carpets dated and worn through? Is there anything you could upcycle to make it look like new? It can be very simple to make small changes that will make a huge difference.
 Move Furniture

A new layout can do wonders for a room. We often place items where we think they will look good and never, ever change this. Here are just a few examples:
By shifting a chair from sitting straight to a slight angle you may gain a little more space for a side table.  By placing a mirror on the main wall will reflect more light into your space. 
·         If you have spent the winter with a sofa pushed up against the patio doors move it away and enjoy the extra light and access.
·         Move your bed to ensure it is sitting against a wall and not under the window. The early morning sun will the stream in and make your bedroom more feel airy.
·         Do you have a favourite piece of furniture in a less used room? Move this to your room you either use the most or the one where you like to take time to relax. Mis-matching a few items is absolutely fine.

Now that you have de-cluttered, cleaned and re-arranged your furniture it is time to think about the remaining items and how they will be displayed or stored within your room. Pick your favourite pieces to keep on show and carefully select where you want these to be seen. Play around with options and see which works the best. It is always nice to have a focal point on a mantle piece and treasured collections in a cabinet. Maybe you have items in storage that re in dire need of coming out? Think about what you own, how much it means to you and whether you can move certain items from one room to another. We are a nation of hoarders but this does not mean that we always need to have everything we own out on display.
For the items that don't always need to be on display why not purchase an attractive storage box to keep them in? You will not only be disguising your bits and bobs but also adding a new feature to your selected room.
 Statement Pieces
You need to be brave with your new look and complete it wholeheartedly. Don't slip back into old styles but attempt to add your personality into something completely different. Statement pieces don't have to be garish or tacky. Larger items can be elegant and clean but still provide that wow factor. A big trend at the moment is to use an oversized vase to showcase an area of you home; perhaps a corner in the living room or as a focal point in your hallway. A large item placed on the coffee table will always catch a visitor's eye and this stone bowl will achieve just that. Or maybe a set of candlesticks to offset your fireplace. Whatever items you choose, go for a colour such as cream that will bring a bit of sophistication to your decor.
 Finishing Touches

The finishing touches are what bring a room together and make it homely. Items such as plants, photos, pictures and general gifts will bring your room to life. One item I particularly love at the moment is curtain tiebacks. These aid in bringing in extra light by keeping your curtains set back from the windows but they also add a touch of elegance to your room. 
 And don't forget to place your seasonal flowers in your home to complete your finished project. 


Cream Coloured Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

by Nicola Worthington
With Mother's Day just around the corner, it can be very easy to leave the present decision down to the very last minute and traipse to the local shop for the standard chocolates, flowers and card but I believe that Mum's are worth so much more than that. They deserve that extra special touch, a gift that has had thought put into the buying process and a gift which they can treasure for years to come. So with this in mind, I want to introduce you to a few of my hand-picked items from of The House of Cream which can be found with other specially selected products in my Mother's Day Range.
One of the decor trends for 2017 is quirky lighting and this also includes items for your garden. These stunning latticework Iron Lanterns are the perfect accessory for both inside and outside the home. They will create a beautiful focal point around the patio area and will really set the mood throughout those gorgeous summer evenings. During the winter months, you could bring them indoors and place them around your fireplace to add to that cosy effect. A versatile gift that is available in 3 sizes (small 18cm h,  medium 22cm h,  large 27cm h) and in an on trend vintage ivory shade.
What is more perfect than saying 'Happy Mother's Day' with Mother of Pearl? Well, you can do precisely that with this timeless Photo Frame. The frame has a Mother of Pearl edging and finished with pearls and diamantes. This item will bring class and elegance to her home and will fit in with any style as this look never goes out of fashion. Finish it off with a personal touch and choose a picture that captures your wonderful Mum.
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Muted colours are going to be big in Spring 2017 and, to be honest, I think they always will be as a calming shade will never not work throughout a home. I personally love the mix of strong, bold colours with creams and as feature walls have been a very popular choice for the last few years, popping a subtle piece in front of it can bring the look together; these Mosaic Tealight Holders are perfect for the job. At just 7.1 cm h x 9.9 diameter they would sit nicely as a pair at the opposite end of a mantle piece and look stunning when a lit candle shines through the mosaic glass.
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One of the biggest trends during 2016 was to include woven fabrics within the home. This look is set to continue into this year and, if you pick the right product and style, it is bound to become a household staple. At The House of Cream, we have plenty of choices but one of my personal favourites is this Rich Tapestry Throw. With its terracotta patterns and ivory background, which almost shimmers in the light, it will enrich any sofa, chair or bed.
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The vintage styling is here to stay and clocks are a popular way of introducing this look into the home. I have the cutest little Table Clock which would make a lovely Mother's Day gift. Available in vintage cream and with traditional roman numerals on the face I am sure any Mum would love to receive this as their special present this year.
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And finally, if you are looking for a statement piece that will wow your Mum as well as any guest who walks through her door, I can recommend this stunning Giant Ivory Flower Pot to complete the entrance hall. With a distressed edge but a glazed finish, it cleverly mixes vintage with contemporary to produce this classy look. It stands at 58 cm tall and will look fantastic with tall artificial flowers/plants.

Finishing Touches
We also provide for those finishing touches so please do also take a peek at our range of Gift Bags and Gift Boxes. Seal your perfect gift with the beautiful wrapping it deserves.
I hope this Mother's Day is special for every one of you.